Glasses can make quite the dramatic difference to your overall appearance. If you're going to wear glasses every day, there's no way you can match them to each outfit like you could your shoes or jewelry. Instead, you have to choose a pair that suits you.

Here, we discuss the four factors you should consider when choosing your new glasses frames.

1. Face Shape

The first thing most people consider when deciding on glasses is their face shape. Different frame shapes and styles may look better on different face shapes and sizes.

Usually, you want to find something that contrasts with your face shape. Find your face shape in the list below for suggestions:

  • Oval - Choose frames that are wider than the broadest part of the face and that have a strong bridge. Square- and rectangular-shaped frames are a good bet. The most important part is to make sure you find frames that complement the natural balance of this face shape.
  • Round - Glasses give round-shaped faces the perfect opportunity to look longer and narrower. To achieve this look, choose frames that are wider than they are tall. Frames with pointed outside corners also work well with round faces to accentuate the eyes and cheeks.
  • Square- Oval or round glasses soften the corners and make a square face appear longer. If you go with rectangular frames, choose ones with softer corners.
  • Rectangular - Choose frames with a strong brow that have depth. These elements balance the length of your face. Circular frames work well on rectangular faces.
  • Heart-Shaped - The trick with heart-shaped faces is finding frames that suit the varying widths. Aviator-style frames balance this unique face shape due to the flaring at the bottom and the low-set tops. Rimless glasses also present a good option.

Try on several options to ensure your happiness with the contrasting shapes.

2. Frame Color

If you decide you want colored frames, consider your hair, eye, and skin tones. Especially if you have a more rare hair and eye color, take this opportunity to accentuate it and make it pop.

Hair Color

For brunette and blonde hair, choose frames with high-contrast colors. Redheads should choose neutrals or a dramatic green. Black hair, however, should go with darker colors, as you risk looking ashy with lighter colors. White or gray hair looks best with deep and bright colors like navy or red.

Eye Color

When considering eye color, choose a frame color that reflects your eye color. For example, blue eyes will pick up color from blue frames and make them pop.

Skin Tone

As for skin tone, there are two possibilities (no matter your ethnicity). You either have a warm skin tone (yellow, bronze, or golden) or a cool skin tone (pink or blue). For warm skin tones, choose frames with earthy tones. Cool skin tones look best with deep and dark colors like blue, black, or purple.

3. Lifestyle

Of course, your lifestyle also may have some say in what style of frames you choose. If you live a very active lifestyle where your glasses may be in danger of breaking, choose an option with more flexibility and damage resistance.

There are even a few types of glasses intended specifically for wearers who spend long periods of time in front a screen, whether due to work or gaming.

4. Personality and Preference

The number one most important thing to consider when choosing new frames is your own personality and preference.

If you like loud and unique, choose brightly colored cat-eye frames. If you're professional and studious, go with frames that look sensible, geometric, and traditional. As long as you wear them with confidence, you can pull off any style of glasses you choose.

Stop by your local glasses shop today to try on various styles and colors of frames.


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